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Dasvi Indian Movie Review An Uneducated Politician's Endeavour You know, I once heard a saying that "an uneducated man at a party is like a blind man at a movie." Now, imagine a politician in that scenario. Intriguing, right? That's precisely what is tackled in the Indian movie - "Dasvi" - a tale about an under-educated politician who suddenly decides to seek high school education. The lead character, played by the exceptional Abhishek Bachchan, is thrust into jail under the stern eye of a no-nonsense police officer. But rather than sulking and scheming, our politician decides to become a scholar in confinement. The plot is unique in itself – won't you agree? And while we're at it, let's take a moment to appreciate the movie's message: it's never too late to learn. A Scheming Wife on the Loose As refreshing as it was to see an Indian politician valuing education, his wife, portrayed aptly by Yami Gautam, adds a fascinating twist to the tale. While her husband is busy turning pages, she is seen busy backstabbing him with her unflinchingly ruthless schemes. Trust me when I say, she’s no ordinary politician’s wife, clutching a bundle of flowers and greeting the public with a plastic smile! Now, here’s where things got knit-my-eyebrows-together level perplexing. Mrs. Politician is no damsel in distress. Instead, she uses her husband's absence from the political scene as an opportunity to strengthen her own political foothold. Quite the plot twist, don’t you think? The Oddball Combination This oddball combination of a book-loving politician and a power-hungry wife is what makes Dasvi an interesting watch. You see, this isn’t your average ‘cop chasing criminal’ movie where you eat your popcorn waiting for the next high-speed chase scene. This is a movie where you pause, rewind, and laugh until your belly aches and begin to question: “Is this really what happens when politicians are locked up?” Unpredictable yet Refreshing The movie was as unpredictable as my Aunt Sheila's spinach lasagna (the woman puts cinnamon, for crying out loud!). Just when you think you’ve figured the storyline, the movie takes a sharp turn and leaves you pleasantly chuckling. The unpredictability only adds to the movie's charm, making it a refreshing watch against the backdrop of stereotypical Bollywood flicks. Bursting the Bollywood Bubble Now hold onto your popcorn, because this is where our humble movie "Dasvi" bursts the conventional Bollywood bubble. It shatters the cliche of portraying politicians as corrupt culprits or good-hearted Samaritans. It breaks free from the familiar tropes, balancing its language use wisely without sounding like a repetitive Bollywood script reeking of typecast roles. The movie's uniqueness lies in its capacity to break familiar ground and tread on new territory, all the while keeping the audience hooked. The Unforgettable Ride In conclusion, "Dasvi" is a cinematic ride you don’t want to miss. Like a joyride on a rollercoaster, it takes you on a topsy-turvy journey of laughter, intrigue, and unexpected revelations, wrapped under the cloak of Indian politics. So ladies and gentlemen, buckle up and get ready to enter the world of education, ambition, deceit, and hilarity. “You don't want to miss the chance to see a politician learning the Pythagorean theorem while his wife seizes political power, do you?” As they say in Bollywood, "Picture abhi baaki hai, mere dost!" (The movie is still not over, my friend!) And that, dear reader, is my take on the quirky roller coaster called Dasvi.

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