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Fukrey 3
5.5 of 6

Fukrey 3

HD 5.5 147 min
Fukrey 3 Movie Review Let's take a fresh dive into the chaotic, yet comically charming world of the Fukras, otherwise known as Delhi's beloved misfits. You know them, you love them, now get ready because the third installment to this whirlwind comedy franchise is here and it’s packing more punches than ever. Backing away from the typical city elections, the Fukras crew plans to change Delhi's political scenario. However, their empty pockets and ambitious dreams make a weird cocktail. So, they come up with a radical plan to do an international job to get the funds rolling. Anyone here fondly remember the first two films? Aah, the myriad of dreams and premonitions, that was their golden goose. But in this one, they step it up a notch. Prepare yourself to bear witness something entirely new and unique, something you might not even see coming, and something that keeps the essence of the Fukras alive. Meyhem on the Streets of Delhi The Fukras are about to step into a showstopper scenario that's gonna make you roll on the floor, laughing your heart out. Just imagine the hilarious hijinks that ensue when the same guys who used to make money with dreams start running an election campaign in the heart of Delhi. It’s like watching a monkey juggling dynamite sticks - unpredictable excitement at its finest! A real testament to the saying "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade." From Zero to Hero Now anyone who's ever been dead broke can tell you that desperate times call for desperate measures. So, when these guys take on an international job, you know they are not kidding around. A fast-track ticket to becoming overnight millionaires, or so they think. Their madcap plan and its execution promise spectacular antics that only our dear Fukras can deliver. What's The New Talent about? Without spoiling, here's the hint: it's something unique again that's gonna tickle your funny bone to the core. Remember the film "Inception"? It’s not that far-fetched, but humorously eerie. Moving away from the realm of dreams and premonitions, the Fukras this time around have been graced with a totally different skillset entirely. One that's tailor-made to keep the laughs coming and the money flowing in. Revel in the mystery as it unfolds on the screen! Barebone Politics & Mukbang of Fun Running for city elections is a playground and battlefield combined together. The raw political tug-of-war punctuated by the signature slapstick comedy of Fukras is nothing short of genius! Ever seen a kangaroo trying to fly a kite? No? Well, that's about the level of chaos to expect here. It's surely going to be a satirical comedy bonanza, with the audience as the ultimate winner. "The formula for any great comedy continues to be chaos marinated in satire, cooked on the flames of laughter, and served on a platter of unpredictability! Ladies and gents, welcome to 'Fukrey 3'!" In conclusion, Fukrey 3 delivers a riot of laughter in the most unexpected ways. It's safe to say, the third installment stays true to its roots while pushing the envelope consistently. In maintaining the essence of the first two films and introducing something unexpected, it sure keeps the audience on the edge of their seat. Go and grab a ticket (and popcorn 🍿), and get ready to laugh till your stomach hurts. Now, go on, enjoy it! You can thank me later.

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