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Gehraiyaan 2022 Movie Review Well, folks, buckle up because we're headed on an emotional rollercoaster that'll take us through the life of Alisha Khanna, a robust character that continues to intrigue us in the recently released movie, Gehraiyaan. The Tumultuous Life of Alisha Khanna Alisha Khanna, a 30-year-old ambitious woman is what you'd call a walking paradox. She's made her peace with a monotonous six-year-long relationship, while her career appears to be caught in quicksand. Just as you'd think life's handed her a short stick, enter cousin Tia and her fiance Zain. A makeshift lifeline for Alisha, or are they? You know, life has a quirky way of serving curveballs just when you've gotten comfortable with the slow pitches. Alisha's journey indeed nails this sentiment to a tee. Shaking the Status Quo Now, here's where things get interesting. Picture this: A warm, familial bond touched by the frost of a tormented past, and a shared, vehement desires to break free from an agonizing routine. It's like adding a dash of spice to an otherwise bland broth, and voila, you're hooked. Likewise, the arrival of Tia and Zain in Alisha's life is like the first rainfall on a parched desert, bringing not just respite but pushing her to question the status quo, derailing her life from its rather dreary track. Meaning Behind the Chaos We all love a hot cup of tea on a chilly morning, don’t we? Each sip warms you up, but wouldn’t it be a bummer if it was lukewarm or bland? That's Alisha's life in a nutshell before the arrival of Tia and Zain. But here's the beauty of it all. With their unexpected entry, her life becomes a perfectly brewed cup of life's assorted flavors. Her foray into the unfamiliar is jarring, yet thrilling. She’s pushed out of her comfort zone and starts unlocking doors she'd never dared to touch. This disruption, however confusing it might seem, brings out an Alisha who’s more in tune with herself. The Puzzle of Relationships Let's not forget about the relationships that ensue. The movie portrays the complications of relationships not just through the ups and downs of Alisha's journey, but also those around her. It skillfully weaves a tapestry of tangled relationships, intricate emotions, and raw human choices that will keep you on your toes. Can anyone say they fully understand relationships? They're as mysterious as my neighbor's cat who appears out of nowhere for cuddles. Each relationship in this movie has a depth to it. It’s not just the weather outside that’s stormy, the characters are navigating their internal storms too. To Conclude... "It's a mad, mad world," said the scarecrow to the tin man. And Alisha Khanna's world, shown in Gehraiyaan, would certainly give the scarecrow a tip or two on managing chaos with grace. In essence, Gehraiyaan is an exploration of depth, of how deep emotions run, how deep-seated past can affect our present, and how deep relationships can change the course of life. It is a movie that reels you in and takes you on a journey as deep as the ocean, leaving you, much like its characters, awash with a myriad of emotions. Now, if you'll excuse me, I might just grab some popcorn and revisit Gehraiyaan. As they say, chaos is a ladder, right?

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